Thursday, February 26, 2009


huhu, a little bit bz lately... bz for KOT (5,6,7 Feb), BIG(9-12 Feb)..
KOT, rumah sukan aku (Tun Fuad )nombor tiga la plak thn ni..
kurang emas.... nway, KOT this year tak de la best sangat. Simple tp meriah la konon.
hope next year lebih meriah. i just got 1 emas, 1 perak n 1 gangsa..
here are e few picts for KOT

Dantai, here we come!!
9-12 fEBRUari 2009. Talk about BIG, it was a really meaningful moment for me.. i enjoyed it very much and it reminds me of my previous camping. i learn many things here. and now, i can feel the responsibilty inside of me as a future teacher.. i love my profession so much.
here are some pictures to remind us..

the J-Sham's kolam..

hehe, water confident.. n i'm very confident.. ;)
i thought Vivyan was more confident, see her smile there!!

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