Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i'm going home, ibu!

i am writing this in my room right now. my pooh's clock show 10.20am. i am so excited to go back home tomorrow. i am home until sunday and will be back to Kent on Sunday. Kent, miss me ya! i'm eating a tausa right now in a blues mood. sitting infront of this laptop, messaging my deary, imagine that i'm home right now. what a wonderful feeling. i just come back from JPIP, submitted my assignment. i'm rushing to get my bed because i felt so sleepy. maybe it is cause of feeling tired last night and lack of sleep last night. But then when i came into my room, i didn't felt sleepy somehow. that is why i am posting this blog. and now, i'm hearing my friend talking 'kamu sudah hantar asssignment?' out there. its from my girlfriend voices, vivyan and bron. hahahaha, no electricity in a sudden. HOT!

I shouldn't tell you that i'm going to bank soon to put my coins in my account. berat suda my tabung.. hehehe.. once i told u, the percentage of not going are higher. but why i told you? aiyaaaaaaaaaa..

talk..talk..talk : i feel sleepy right now. wanna sleep! dhaaa..


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