Saturday, November 13, 2010


for those yang dah terbaca entry ni, this is your second time.

yang dah bace tapi tak buat lagi, now is the time. :)

hey hey hey guys!

here i've got something for you all.

here is a link for you to share. *click me* alright people, all you have to do is:

1. click on the link above.
2. follow her.
3. read the entry.
4. drop a comment under the entry. in your comment, tell her that i am the one who promoted her link. please STATE my name there. (Tomoko)

that's all, guys! again, you have to follow her ok.

i beg you to do this because actually this is a simple competition. the most person who gets the most friend to follow her blog will be the winner.

besides, her blog is great. she is a fashionable; with hijab.

and people, i do love the present. will you help me?

taken from her blog.


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