Monday, May 30, 2011

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan;

Pertandingan Unduk Ngadau diadakan sempena memperingati dan menghormati Hominodun, semangat seorang anak gadis Kadazandusun yang dikorban untuk mendapatkan hasil padi yang baik.

entri ini hanya ada beberapa gambar-gambar peserta Unduk Ngadau yang telah memenangi gelaran Unduk Ngadau Daerah. hanya 15 orang finalis akan berentap untuk merebut gelaran Unduk Ngadau Negeri Sabah 2011 setelah ditentukan pada 30 Mei 2011. tak pasti sama ada semua UN Daerah ini terpilih ke final atau tidak.

Adeline Joyce Masidah, Likas

Affy Jackleyinda Entawin, Sipitang

Alccy Justin, Tongod

Alvera Raymond Kisil, Sandakan

Arika Robert, Membakut

Awine Awang, Pagalungan

Bo Tiza Arthur S Disimon, Penampang

Caroline Anthony, Tuaran

Chenies Donny, Banggi

Cheryl Lynn Pinsius, Inanam

Conny Maling, Beluran

Eva Eadora Wesmin, Kota Belud

Fellyshynda Felix, Tambunan

Gurjit Gonsilau, Putatan

Hermieza Anak Sulang, Tawau

Hiew Paul Len, Kinabatangan

Jaimurni Lunduman, W.P Labuan

Jessica Joseph, Papar

Jevyonne Jais, Beaufort

Jovenea Jim Lajim, Tamparuli

Kelly Chrisheila Matanba, Matunggong

Kieren Laurent Simon, Tanjung Aru

Kok Yee Lu, Paitan

Laura Simon, Klang Valley

Loreadana Carlista Frederick Toyong, Keningau

Magdeline Evone Michael, Kunak

Marcellina A Pius Ganis, Lahad Datu

Martha Kail, Telupid

Pathlyn Leosie M Mikat, Kota Marudu

Rachel M Alliun, Kota Kinabalu

Rehuellita Bronia, Tungku

Shirly Arichat Enggoh, Kuala Penyu

Shopie Angela Kutam, Ranau

Sinolongan Dayaman, Pitas

Stephanie Saib@Mais, Menumbok

Susianty Sidin, Nabawan

Suzilia Amik, Sook

Therisa Asri, Tenom

Zarwennie Laja Besar, Semporna

Kepada peminat-peminat pertandingan Unduk Ngadau, anda boleh datang ke Hongkod Koisaan pada 31 May untuk menyaksikan sendiri kemeriahan pertandingan budaya warisan Kadazan-Dusun.

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in between;

Don't compare your life to others.
You have no idea what their journey is all about.


the truth;


how to celebrate your solo days;

Yes, we know having a boyfriend is great and we know it’s beautiful and kind. But all we’re saying today, and all we’re trying to prove, is that you don’t need a killer girlfriend to have a killer mood.

Let’s chat about ten winning ways to celebrate your solo days:

1. Some like it hot. When you’re on your own you’re the master of the tank and the chances of a random flush scalding your skin is pretty slim. You’re less likely to run out of hot water so just twist that dial and soak into the zone.

2. One set of parents. Sure, you lose out on some inlaw naps but you could gain back holiday budgets, extra bedrooms, and Saturday evenings. Note to any inlaws reading this: This entry is about other inlaws, not you.

3. Take back the night. When you’re bumping around by yourself there’s no need to worry about making too much noise early or late. Tiptoes, quiet TV watching, and softly shutting doors take a backseat to cranking tunes, late-night phone calls, and your big galoomping feet.

4. Don’t be an ass. Single folks have no obligation to do joint Halloween costumes like Beauty and the Beast or the classic two-person donkey. Because don’t we all feel a little bit sorry for that couple dressed as Salt and Pepper shakers leaving the party at 10pm?

5. Flirt like you mean it.Chitchatting with sparkly objects of your desire is good fun. When you’re single ditch the guilt and holler at the busty waitress or chiseled cop. Not only is it exciting, but you’re growing your social skills and constantly meeting new people.

6. Getting to know you. You’re the only you you’ve got. Born and blasted into the world you’re a baby brain who flies through life forming crackly connections with everyone you meet. But getting to know yourself through experiences and deep thoughts adds important shapes and smears to your identity.

7. Bargain basement holidays. Tap your wallet and smile next time you walk by a towering Valentine’s Day display of heart-filled chocolates and pink teddy bears.

8. You can get with this or you can get with that. Are you hungry at 11pm? Get a burger! Are you bored on a Saturday night? Hit the scene! Do you want to free up your busy weekend or busy up your free one? Well the choice is yours! You can get with this or you can get with that. I think you’ll get with this for this is where it’s at.

9. Own your bed, own your life. When you’re single the entire bed is yours and you can test a variety of Starfish poses, Chun-Li leg kick positions, or even the extremely bold diagonal sleeping. (Rarely done.)

10. Embrace your disgusting habits. Clipping your toenails in bed, napping in piles of dirty clothes, or chomping greasy handfuls of potato chips over the sink is fine, fine, fine. The mirror won’t judge you and neither will anybody else.

People, let’s hear it today for being single. Exploring the world, finding adventures, and scoping big scenes are hallmarks of being cool with being you. Because look — falling in love is great and falling in love is nice but that doesn’t mean going alone can’t also be sugar and spice. Good days and bad days,setting suns and shining stars, it’s all about perspective and focusing on who you are. Because if all you need is love, and all love needs is you, then it’s great to relax and enjoy… just being you with you.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

three in the morning;


ain't it true?

because HE is YOU;


you will always be my favorite.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ladies Night?

NO NO NO. Minggu ni tak akan ada Ladies Night.

Exam papers straight 4 hari. Isnin - Khamis.

ISNIN - SCE 3109 Tenaga Dalam Kimia
SELASA - SCE 3110 Bumi dan Angkasa
RABU - PJM3112 Pengurusan & Pentadbiran PJK
KHAMIS - ELE3103 English for Language Teacher


KHAMIS minggu lepas EDU3106

2 paper dah berlalu. so i ada 3 paper lagi. 3 kali berjuang lagi untuk semester ni. korang tak payah wish luck or 'do the best' 'all the best' segala memang i akan buat yang terbaik. hihi. tapi anda dialu-alukan untuk wish. i tak nak menyesal untuk kehidupan masa depan. :)

so now, i nak pergi mandi and you all yang belum mandi tu pun pergi la mandi dulu.

chow, thanks fro reading me!