Monday, May 23, 2011

even painkiller can't heal me;

doesn't this break your heart?

hey people. it's been a long time i'm not post any entry with words. sometimes i'm really out of blogging mode but still want to post for you. so i just pick any picture that bring meaning to me, or you. ok, us.

i'm sorry because there are a lot of grammatical error in this entry. i just finished my study group for Energetic In Chemistry. i'll be sitting this paper tomorrow at 2.30pm-5.00pm. this paper is the most to kill me. see now? the English is bad but i still want to type in English.

back to the BOLD up there. yeah, my mum said that. it really breaks my heart. fyi, my lil sis just fly to UiTM Kuantan to futher her study in Law Foundation. before, she was never been away from home and now she is the one that study far from home. not really far, huh?

i left home when i'm 18. i study at IPG Kampus Kent until now. my course started on July 2007 untilNovember 2012. insyaallah next year is my final.

and then, my sis Bibi followed me. she left home also at 18 to IPG Kampus Keningau. the campus is not far from home but still, she have to stay at hostel. which means that HOME is only at weekend. so 2 people are not in HOME.

a few days ago, Kak Cik also left home at 18. and guess what, my mum now with the boys. Daus, 16 years old and little KJ, 4 years. i know u can spot the different now. 2 boys at home, mum and dad. no gossiping, no laughing and no watching television together. this doesn't mean that Daus is not accompanying my mum. but you just can feel the difference when one by one left home. am i right?

when my mum said that word, it really broke my heart. so then i text my sis Bibi. we feel sad for mum. this means that we should go back HOME as frequent as we can.

when this thing happen, i just realize that everyone was grown up. time flies incredibly fast. 5 days more, and i'll be back HOME.

i miss u, mum.


Aly Alberta said...

sis..mula2 mmg terasa..mcm si mumy dulu2..every hour my phone berbunyi..but now she's good..after few months she will be good..nanti dia akan jmp hobi baru..no worries..

FadThiaismyname said...

rindu rindu .. mo balik ~