Monday, September 26, 2011

beyond itchy;

from article bride with ezcema

Do u know what is eczema?
Any of u with eczema?
Lost self-confidence?
Hiding ur flaws under a long sleeve, turtle neck, socks or covered shoes?
Looking for a wedding dress that wont show those scars?

Let me tell u..i'm a patient. i hv chronic eczema back then (still hv em now but not as bad) last time my skin was thick and scaly nmpk mcm org masuk bendang. tried numerous specialists since i was 21-22, yerp. 5-6years back it started. I had none during school days infact i was an active student;-- i won 3rd place in national cooking competition, best debater in selangor debate comp, captain for d netball team, played handball and hockey. Pantun, menari, menyanyi semualah i active-- pages if i were to list em all down.

Ya, i never thought i'll hv such skin disorder-- sensitive towards weather, heat/cold, sweat, seafood n a lot more.in the earlier years, my palms were very dry and scaly. Sometimes my skin got injured badly;-- eczema sliced my skin like papercuts (without paper). I do not know; it happened naturally or i scratched during bedtime. Yerp eczema is beyond itchy. 88times itchier than mosquitoes bites. Seriously, anyway it first attacked my mid palm and then my fingers.. Yeah its ugly. I was so shy to shake hands with people i meet. And embarassed everytime the cashier passed me the balance (coins) that i had no choice but to tadah and cashier will definitely gv me a weird expression looking at my ugly hands.

Some insensitive friends even made stupid jokes of the skin disorder i hv without even thinking how it affects me as an eczema patient emotionally. Some said "ewwwww! Gross!" and some might quietly think the skin major cause sbb pengotor. How stupid. but well i wish i can say right on their faces "hey not-so-knowledgable friend, eczema is NOT contagious. Eczema has got nothing to do with hygiene. Its in our blood and we never ask for it, idiot!"

Ya, how i wish... u know what people, as a woman-- harsh remarks seriously break my heart. I've been to soooo many specialists and spent thousands of RM for the treatment. Name it--- sjmc, dsara specialist, tropicana, hosp selayang, hkl, klinik kulit ttdi, klinik kulit in bb and some other. but no one manage to cure.

In 2009, i gave up and started steroid jabs. I went to the doc every month for d jab tho d doctor kept reminding me of the side effects. Since then i gained loads of weight. from 54kg in 2009, now im 66kg. Seriously. Appetite bertambah and the effect of steroid jabs--moonface, bloated. But thats the shortcut to non-ugly skin on my palms and feet.

For 2 years with steroid jabs, this year i realized i encounter difficulties in breathing. So i stop taking d jabs and mula looking for treatments again; here n there. What more im getting married, sure i want a beautiful henna drawings not eczema-maps on hands and feet, aite?

And alhamdulillah someone introduced me to dr noraziah, demc. After more than 20skin specialists since 2005, i'm definite dt dr noraziah is my life and wedding savior. My first treatment was in july.and latest-- today at 10.15am... i can see major progress. Eczema on my two hands TOTALLY vanished! and on my feet, say from 20bintang (spot-scars) i now only have some and they are no longer thick and scaly.

My big day is approaching, i pray eczema will hilang so i can apply beautiful red-henna on my hands and feet :))

To those who hv eczema, dont be embarassed-- u are not alone. n remember, never ever give up!

talk to me. I dont mind. and with open arms,i'll share details n my experiences w d skin specialist. Kita kena ikhtiar.... :)



dah baca article di atas? almost like mine.
i started ezcema since form 3. so bad at first, a week before my PMR.
time PMR dah kering but i still hide it with a handkerchief.
and at that time you still can see yang darah kat luka tu dah kering, yes geli kan?
macam luka kena slice paper or knife.

after that it become worse, time tu i tak ambil lagi any medication from doctor.
i ada berubat dengan orang and dia pesan i tak boleh makan daging including ayam.
so at that time, i dah tak boleh makan daging and seafood. can you imagine setakat apa yang i boleh makan? totally macam vegetarian time tu. that was at age 16-17.

bila i dah smbung belajar, 1 day tu i kena allergy yang sangat teruk. and from that time,
i dah ambil medicine yang doctor bagi dgn i. PREDNOSOLONE AND ZYRTEC. yes, it heal in a week. tak ada gatal, tak ada luka but i left a flaws at tapak tangan and jari.
macam kulit orang tua. when a few friends cakap macam tu at first, yes i sangat malu.

the lastest things are, i'm allergy to a metal and debu. both of them kalau i terkena/tersentuh will make my skin itchy and while sleeping i akan garu and esok pagi baru sedar yang skin dh berdarah. sometimes peluh pun will cause itchy to my skin. so i just use emas, pure silver and pure stainless steel. yang lain lain i tak berani pakai.

the thing now is, the flaws buatkan i dah tak ada bunga jari.
it was proven when i take a driving licence class, we have to scan the thumbprint untuk sahkan kehadiran. and time tu la pegawai tu kata ada problem dengan cap jari which is i TAK ADA BUNGA CARI. so now, i still tak ganti IC baru lagi. btw im 22 now.
don't you think yang it'll bring a problem to me sooner?
bayangkan la SOONER nanti bila teknologi dah maju.
for eg check in kat airport or anything yang kena sahkan pakai thumbprint.
what will happen to me?

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azlin said...

hye dear...i bc ur probs dekat blog yuyu pasal eczema.we are on the same boat.. :)

my skin sgt allergic. i cant wear accessories..i don't even have fingerprints kat 10 jari.mmg susah utk berurusan kan..kadang2 jd malu.nasib baik i ada sikiiiittt je garis2 fingerprint tu.itupun nasib2 la kalau dpt detect.

u kena always sapu losyen tau.biar tgn moist je..kalau kering, blh berdarah kan...cr losyen yg utk sensitif skin.

and dulu pun,i pernah kena biji2 yg dlm ada air.mmg gatal ya Allah..xtau nak ckp. i akan dpt tu kalau tak jg mkn.over mkn ayam n daging.so i used to rendam my hand dlm air dettol suam. pastu sapu cream allegic.kena minta doc eczema.

u kena tgk sabun yg u pakai.kadang2 setengah sabun,shampoo..chemicalnya sgt tinggi.same goes to sabun basuh baju.u hv to wear gloves kalau nk basuh2 pinggan.mmg leceh.i kadang2 malas...tp bila kena gatal2,menyesal...

apa pun,jgn putus usaha ya.im 25 now.eczema since baby lagi.,mmg kena banyak sabar.apa apa..we can contact through email


take care tau.xoxo :)