Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hey, :) It's been ages i didn't write. There's a time i've think to delete this blog.

November 10th, the day that i am officially finish with my studies. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to God, parents, family, lecturers, friends and maybe everyone that have been contributed along the journey of my studies. At 2007, i thought that this study is like forever because 5 and a half year is not a short time for me. But when i reached my 8th semester, time flies incredibly fast.

So, here i am now. Holiday maybe, phew. Now waiting for the posting news. So now, i do nothing at home. Doing pre-loved bussiness with my sister. Not really 'bussiness' though. I've put them online at Facebook. Some of them i've put at my aunt shop. We sell our pre-loved baju kurung/baju kurung moden and shawls there.

Oh by the way, i used to blog about this long time ago. From the statistic, i've found that some of the readers, oh wait. maybe just a viewer or accidentally viewed this blog. Some of you are from Russia, US and Singapore. I wonder who you are :)

That's all maybe. Take care guys.

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