Saturday, March 6, 2010

would you love me if I ...

hey there, i just came back from dinner at KFC with a friend of mine. i am not sure what is my mood right now. i don't really clear about this emotion; feelings. urgh~

i have been falling for you for almost half of the year, i thought. i just saw you once. but the heart is there with you. it's magic right? a miracle, perhaps. we are so far away. you are there, and i am here. but there always longing for you. i am clear about the situation between you and me. i can say, it is nothing. but i guess there is something instead of something. you didn't make a statement about this, so i just zipped my mouth from talking about this. i have been asked you about it, but i got the same answer and reason for that. this and that, bla bla bla.

i should say i am strong because of you. but some of my girlfriends told me that this is not the right decision for waiting. waiting, do you think i am waiting? oh yes, i am. until you say yes. the darla asked me this, 'what if in the end he found a new one?' i am straight away answered this. 'let it be. if that is the faith, i will accept it'. but when i think again, i am afraid to lose you, baby.

someday or somehow, when you are not for me anymore, please tell me that. stop the dreams and hopes to me. because i will die with that, it is killing me.


kak fara said...

moko...entah la...bila kakak bc entry moko ni, mmg sama dgn keadaan kakak ni...am i stil waiting for him?

si duchess tomoko said...

i do, kak. smpai penghujung dinanti. ada jodoh, insyaallah.