Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dare to move?

so many things happen. and i got so many stories to tell you, means that so many words to type, so many entries to post. but i'm sorry because i don't get the suitable time to start the stories. yeah, i know may be it is not a best stories to tell but that is the thing that i want to share with. to my faithful readers of this pity blog, thank you for reading me.

below are my to-do list in this few weeks:
1. update my TDPP folio and sumbit on this friday.
2. complete my Practical 6 report.
3. prepare a table for the duty and plan an activities for Perkhemahan Asas BSMM next week and
4. complete the SDP and PJ KKP.
5. type my reflection on PTPS subject.
6. have a blast on BIG next week.

*too much of broken english*

till then;

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