Monday, April 27, 2009

20 belas tahun

below is the list of my friends that celebrated their birthday on April.
~ April 1 is Herman's
~ April 10 is mine
~ April 19 is Florina's
~ April 20 is Kholish's = he just 19! (should be out of list, tp should be in juga)
~ April 26 is Suraya's
~ April 27 is Vivyan's

actually i just came back to my apartment (my A117) from sang a birthday song to my good friend Vivyan a.k.a PKU, asisstant to Mr. Raymie in Pukak. hee, i made a special and cute gift to them. i mean suraya and vivyan. i made it past 2 days, actually. i dont know how i am in a sudden move to find all the things to made this gift. even it just a simple one, but they really like it. hee, proud of me. (rupanya boleh juga aku buat benda2 gni ya). see the picture. nice, right? haa, sepa mau dapat gift macamni dari saya on your birthday? angkat tangan! angkat tangan!


Rasta said...

sy x dpt pun..sy pun lahir bulan 4 jgak..huhu...sdihnya...

tomoko said...

alalala... ko jauh ba..