Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009

i am officially 2wenty..and u know wat, i woke up late today.
my bucuk text me~morning besday girl.
n i;m not replying him, n he knew dat i'm not awake yet.
he text me again~cuk bgn lewat yeh (hahaha, spotted!)
i'm doing crazy2 things today..
me makan2, lepak2, baca2 novel~shopaholic abroad.
hahahaha, then continue watching Gossip Girl~seson 2, ep17.
n, i'm done..xoxo
now is 5.35pm od and i just realize dat i duduk2 infront of this laptop surfing2 the internet, baca2 blog org, replying the bday wish almost 5 hours da..
hahahahaha, how la dis can happen?
pdhal my member2 yg lain bz2 od buat the asgment yang melimpah ruah..
hahahahahaha, ndk pa la..
i do everything i want today cuz today is my day rite?
hahahahahaha, i wanna laugh berabisan today..
spending tyme wit my self~betapa ja dalam bilik dr pagi.
then i called my dear bucuk, we had a sweet conversation in the phone.
suddenly i remembered he said, hebat kan technology, suara kita blh dgr merentas Laut Cina SElatan?~if u noticed, there's a clue who's my dear!*laugh
okai, dats wat happen to me today..
thought for today~i got it from someone blog.
"learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow"

what comes around goes around!!


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