Wednesday, April 29, 2009


so frustrated. the only feeling that everyone felt this morning. last night, we had struggled and work together prepared for assembly. we are so tired to get all the chairs from Dewan Tun Mustapha and placed it at Dewan Hone. Tired, tired, tired.
and the worst thing is, the assembly will be postpone to next week! WTF! obviously, we have to do the same thing and get the same tiring feeling next week to arrange all the chairs and preparing this and that for the assembly. OMG! in fact, we are already planned something amazing for this assembly. we suppose to have a 'majlis pelancaran mesra alam sekitar'. We think that will be the great thing on assembly tomorrow. FYI, me and vivyan already tied the book that need to distributed with a soft green ribbon in a cutest way. however, it'll be happen next week. but, i know that we will never got the same excited feeling like now. Thats all for now, will be write soon. my lecturer are coming..

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