Saturday, May 2, 2009

finally, i'm home..

yeah, im home at 6 something. across the crocker range, by Bumiputra Exp. its a common journey to get home with a title 'gerakan solo' or 'lone ranger'. sorry for not writing this yesterday. i'm too tired and have no time to online. after i reached home, take bath and go for a family meeting at my grandma home. its a meeting for my cousin, kak bb. she will get married at May 9. the worst thing is me and the whole family are not coming for the function. at 9hb, i' at Kent, and my family are going to Labuan to send my sister, bb (another bb) to KML. she will continue her study journey there for a year.

now is 11.32am and my parents just get home after shopping for a 'kenduri doa selamat' after isyak. meaning that we will bz to prepare the menu. hehehe, its almost 2 years we have no bz-bz like this. the last time this house were bz and kecoh2 on my kak effer wedding 2 years ago. hahaha, after her wed, its my turn. but, it will be a long time lagi la c moko ni mau kawin. she have to finish and graduate first. gettong her job and being a bachelor sampai puas. hehehe, that was the ayat2 yg among my buddy said to me..

aiyaaa, this feeling always punch me when im home. i miss epong, tiqa, benn, man, weing, man, wiwi,rinnie rite now. sometimes, we just can lepak together2 once in a year during hari raya open house at my home. we were so naughty, better dont get us together in KFC again. hahaha, sweet memory there!

k, gotta go to the kitchen. i have a lot to do. write soon, dhaa..


Rasta said...

woaa...adik ko msuk matrix?..
tahniah2..dia dpt spm brapa?..

tomoko said...

ya, 11hb ni dftr
5A5B result dia.