Sunday, May 3, 2009

i found this

hehehe, scrolling2 my little mouse and i found this picture. if not mistaken, im snapped this photo right before 'merentas desa' this early February. this is my girlfriends and classmates. there are a good friends of mine. on you right is vivyan and left is Fazilah.. (hahaha, ambek ko Chin, aku panggil ko Fazilah). Fazilah is my geng samseng in my class or Gengster. she is totally an amazing girl. you know why? figured it yourself. even though she is a kind of 'mereng2' sometimes or i better called it 'something is wrong somewhere' just like me and another samseng lagi, but we're passed the interview and studying here to be a teacher. we are trainee teacher, geng! hahaha, if she is amazing, meaning that i am also amazing. got the idea?

Note : Sorry vyan, i talking too much about Chin here.

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