Wednesday, July 15, 2009


the new ppismp july intake was registered here on 13th of July. there are 104 of them, all over malaysia. sarawakian, sabahan and fron Peninsular Malaysia. we are glad to have you all here, now. so that, as a part of 'Sidang Redaksi', we were given our own task to do for VERITAS Buletin. special for this MPPB, Sidang Redaksi are produced 'Liputan Harian MPPB July 2009'. i think this is a good effort to increase our achievment. so far, we all did a good job. i took the Kent Cergas slot everyday, i snapped the picture, and Chut write the report. we were happy to see when our report was published in the 'Liputan Harian MPPB' everyday. we started our job on 6am-7am and 430pm-530pm everyday. here are some of their pictures, with their great pose!

i lyke this pict soOo much. they look hepi/ actually, ni time dorang main 'belalang n belatuk' im not so sure siapa langgar siapa. tapi kejadian yang berlaku ialah diorang berlanggar n trus ketawa sampai terduduk2 macam dlm gambar ni. hehehe.. after i snapped, i senyum sendiri2. hee..

piss! best kan riadah petang-petang? rajin-rajin la turun padang lepas ni. jangan harapkan turun padang time orientasi ni jak..


sin said...


glad u like it. and thank you for the effort and time. really3 appreaciate it!

ann said...

komen tadi tu aku yg tulis