Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Facing a lot of f***ing problem and situation are really bad to had. but, sometimes, its such a big oppurtunity for us. meaning that, we learn how to manage our emotion, decision and so on. and that is happening to me right now. actually, it happen since before my great semester break until now. i made a tough decision for it. and look like everything gonna be ALRIGHT. im explaining u, alright doesnt mean everything are 'OK' like before. my decision made it become more worst for that relation, but that is what i have to do. because once i did so, things look different. yeah, things look really different now! sometimes i felt quit dissapointed for what happen, but for the sake of my emotion, i have to. before, it doesn't matter for me if im hurt. the most important for me is the other person. after been thinking during my semester break, i did so. and we are presenting u the situation. Now. i think u feel the differences than before.

okep, i'dtelling u the things that i did so and it look different. by the way, this is the hardest situation in my life. i never expected to take this decision. hope to write soon, i've to take bath now because im going to attend a functio. Majlis Pengiktirafan KAGUM 2009. i hope it will be happening more than what i expect. write soon..

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