Monday, August 30, 2010

first for the last one;

the title sounds complicated, right? ;)

reporting the 1st day of SBE for the last SBE in my degree.

FYI people, this week i'm doing my last @ 4th SBE. SBE stand for School Based Experienced. i'm choosing SK Tambalang, Tuaran which is only less than 10minutes from my campus. i'm with tatie there. so for the first day. it just same like my past SBE. met with the headmaster, before starting the SBE. today was fine and relax. my school had a Sambutan raya Merdeka 2010. started from 8.00am until 12.50. it was end early than 12.50. the school is not so big and not too small. i just think that the school area is pack. but it was fine for me. the students, teachers are nice.

so, nothing much today. not a tiring day. so, tomorrow is Independent Day for Malaysia, people!
Selamat hari Kemerdekaan ke-53, 1 Malaysia menjana transformasi :)

Malaysia tanah airku.

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