Monday, August 30, 2010

goodbye for now;

feel to blogging in english. sorry for my bad grammar. it's been a long time i'm not blogging in English. :|

i think i'm done with the task for today. i've been updating my file, rearrange my stuff, washing the mugs, helping Hana to shoot for her PJ task, preparing all the documents for SBE tomorrow. i just can't sleep, and i don't know why.

i'm hoping to have a blast for my last SBE. tomorrow is the 4th SBE, which is the last one before stepping up for the 1st practicum next year. can you smell what the biggest fear of practicum? ask the seniors, they will tell you why. think positive, yes i should do that. but the same situation is going to happen to me. i'm the one to feel the pain. *what pain is it huh?* tiredness, nervous, blank and blur maybe. uuh, why i am listing all the bad things early?

alrite people, you know it's past 12am. i think i have to start prepare myself at 530am tomorrow. i'm going to school at 6.45 tomorrow with tatie, kay and mary. i just like don't have the feeling to doing the SBE tomorrow. maybe it is the effect of holidays for hari raya. i'm getting forward to that. oh, please. i have a list here to complete before leaving this campus.

# 'rumusan kehadiran' is not finish yet. i have to submit it asap to HEP.
# practical 4 and tutorial task are not done yet. (Ecosystem and Biodiversity)
# arrange my room neat and tidy. my room is going to be the store for this 2 weeks holiday.
# packing the stuff to bring back home. i already have the list there. (sticked at my wall)

i'm just too forward for the holidays, people. you may think this is annoying. and maybe you have this question in your mind. *why do this girl feeling so excited to go home while she is just a few kilometers from home?* yes peeps, it just took 4 hours to go here from my house. FYI people, i am almost 3 months staying here, and never go home for that period. and now i think you understand me, right?

so, goodbye for now. goodnite peoples.

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