Thursday, September 2, 2010

someday we'll be;

today is my 3rd day at school. because of the public holiday on 31st August, so i'm only have 4 day for my PBS. i just think that the timing while doing the PBS is not suitable. so that is why maybe some of my friends can't complete their task fully. some school having a test, then some school having the 'latih tubi' for the UPSR student. luckily, while doing my last PBS at SK Tambalang, i've got a chances to follow the English teacher in the class.

tomorrow will be the last day at school before holidays. 2 weeks of holidays, with assignments during Hari Raya. having a task to do, meaning that it'll be not-so-holiday holidays, right? i still not really care about the assignments, i didn't check yet the due date of all the assignments. i just think that i still not get the feeling to start this assignments except for my PBS task.

now is almost 12am. i'm finished packing my stuff to bring along home. i'm still not sure what day will i go back to my hometown. if i want to take a express bus from KK-KGU, am i sure there still a ticket? or sold already? that happen last year but luckily i got a ticket. but i don't know what is the story for now. so, i'm waiting for friend to confirm when will he go back to hometown. maybe i will ride along with him to Keningau. people, i don't have the feeling of excited now. i think i lost it because i am so excited for the past two days.

my roomate is busy packing all her stuff. and i think i have finish my words. so dearies, goodbye for now. sleep tite :)

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