Tuesday, December 14, 2010

oh, she can't promise that dear.

i really in blogging mode. but badly i am lacking of idea right now.

here something to fill up this post.

just scroll it down if you are interested to read.


betul kan?


tiba tiba teringat kasut kuliah.
oh semester 5 is just a few weeks to start!


oh blackberry yang 'hot'.
still arguing with myself to be her owner or not.
so many things in my list.
each day, the list goes on. ohmaigad.


how cute this blouse! i love the ribbon damn muchie!


oh man. i miss you ed westwick.
sangat ketinggalan episod GGS4 right now.
balik maktab nanti perlu cover balik episod episod yang terlepas.

hah, ini sangat sesuai for those yang tak sedar diri.


Anonymous said...

Thanks komen blog HZ, sy James Blunt tuh :)

Tomoko said...

oh AH is here! maigad, u drop komen kat blog i? woh, im super duper happy AH. btw im reading ur blog la. :)

natashagideon said...

i myself am thinking of being a crackberry or not -_____-"
thanks for reading dear :) hope you enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy writing in it ;) your blog is cool too! :D