Saturday, November 14, 2009


selamat pagi!!

awal pagi tadi my mum just called me. My mum sekarang sedang kursus (i'm not sure what type of kursus she went for) at my High School, SMK Keningau II. heh, yup my old skool. she told me that my grandma is not well. Doctor ask her to go for an operation. but operation is not good for all people like her. yes, she is old already. but she is a strong women. i think she is about 80 or between that.

operation? yup, it's really bad. to talk about the 'bius', argh. the drugs actually left a harm to our body. my buddy told me because she is a doctor. so, my mum just told my grandma to keep taking a medicine. i'm so worries about my grandma. i just feel like i want to visit her at Labuan, now. damn hell, i can't.

so, i am getting to make a phone call to her sooner. worries.

notakaki:sedang mencari mood untuk belajar. Encik saya belum bangun lagi.

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