Saturday, November 13, 2010

always and forever;

yes, family are the answer for this post title.

today is not really a hectic day, i just discover that i didn't do any revision for today until this time.

i just finished my dinner with kak Zitah, Nadiah, Reyhana and Kak Misah.

my dad came to my hostel with special delivery. TOMYAM and IKAN BAKAR.

ok, people. he made it himself at house.

for sure, the dinner is so delicous. but the sad thing is i'm not the one that received all this meal.

i'm on my way back from town and I DON'T BRING HANDPHONES!

my mum called me at morning and she told me that dad will come to my place maybe at night. so, i just think that maybe it will be around 7pm or 8pm.

but then, he come early. how did i know he'd came?

on my way back to the campus, when i am so near to the gate, a red Avanza with a Liverpool sticker above the plat number caugh my eyes.

oh yes, my dad has come and i am not there. *assumption: he called me hundred times and i am not answering the charging phone. yes, both of my phone. so, he going back, driving out from Kent dissapointly.

in a second, i get Kak Suzitah's phone and dialled my dad number. he's answering. YEAH! i told him bla bla bla. and he told me that he left the meal to my friend, Kak Misah. Kak Misah is my neighbour. She stay in front of my room.

so then, i walked with a tears. i am so dissapointed because i am unable to see my dad. oh, i really miss him! i am unable to received the meal by my hand. MY HAND. yes, i cry. and maybe you think i am crying for no reason, right?

i'm a sensitive person. everything about dad will bring a tears to me. anything. he is an inspiring person. it's too much to tell you about him here.

so now, i've finished the meal with friends and they are amazing because my dad cooked all the meal. yeah, my dad is a gook cooker. better than me. no objection. :)

i'm kinda feel not good now. i think my teeth is 'bergema gema' and it cause me to migrain. so i it is the time to take my medicine. that's all for now.

p/s: ignore my bad english.

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