Thursday, November 11, 2010

here the list;

i will start my holiday on 20th Nov. meaning that i have 1 month and 13 day *assumption* to go.
i've plan a few on what to do on the holidaysssss.

#1 - EXERCISE! because since Eid Mubarak, i never go exercise at padang. suddenly i became a lazy person to exercise. in fact, i'm a sport person.

#2 - I WANT TO GO MARATHON KENINGAU - TENOM - BEAUFORT - TENOM - KENINGAU in a day. yes, drive from Keningau to Tenom, then by TRAIN from Tenom to Beaufort and going back again from Beaufort to Tenom and lastly drive back to Keningau. i really miss the moment to go by train from Tenom to Beaufort. last time i go by train when i'm 8 or 9. that is the journey from Keningau to Labuan. but after you reach Beaufort, u have to ride in a mini bus to Terminal Feri Menumbok. There, the ferry wait for you! *i really missed this moment*

#3 - I WANT TO LEARN ON HOW TO SWIM. in advantage, my dad is a good swimmer and i can learn free of charge from him. but i have to know his schedule, because a lecturer have a short holiday in the end of the year. you know that fact? if i'm not mistaken, my dad start his holiday on 22 December. and i don't know when his holiday start for this year. ;(

#4 - I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO SHOOT BETTER. yeah, have passion on it, right? so, i need a lot of passion towards this. just click anywhere, anytime.

#5 - that's all so far. if i get any plan, i'll update soon.

so, what yours?


natashaliyana said...

swimming is tiring :( but fun!
you shoot ape? dkat shooting range?
btw, thanks for following :D

Tomoko said...

natasha: hey hey, thanks for droppinb a comment here! ;) nk belajar swimming, tak reti. btw, i shoot gambar la. shoot pki dslr :)