Monday, November 15, 2010

I’ve done and I’m fine;

Yeah, the last battle was end successfully. *mission accomplished* The last dot on the paper brings a smile to me. After a bad day I have to fight with a migraine, and proven that today is not the day that I have to regret on. With a luck step entering the hall, so that with the step to out from the hall. Yes, I am done with my 2nd year of my Bachelor of Science Education. Alhamdulillah.

Now I am having so much time to be wasted before going back to hometown. Wasted? No no no, just received a call from my lecturer. The PCK’s and Practical are need to be submit on Thursday while BIG file on Friday. Hahaha, seems like I don’t have time to be wasted. Sigh.

I have a list on my plan during the holidays. Hopefully I am able to tick ‘done’ on the list.

Then, I’ll come back to campus next year, I hope it’s a brand new start for me as a 3rd year of degree.

So people, grow well and grow strong! Happy holidays!

salam and respect;


☆゚ Cik Olive ☆ said...

happy holiday ^_____^

Muhammmad Zaim said...

good job

astridadeline said...

sweet blog!

Tomoko said...

cik olive : :) happy holiday. you pun dah habis exam kan? congrats!

belog you 2 eh? rajinnya.

Zaim : =)

astridadeline : stockholm, sweden?